At Naturally Happy Skin, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are incredibly proud of our products and each and every ingredient used is chosen not only for the highest quality, but for the lowest environmental impact too.

Nut Oils: All 100% natural skincare products rely heavily on nut oils, as they are so darn good for our skin! However, without thought, they can be sourced unethically. Luckily, we’ve given it A LOT of thought!

For example:

  • Our Organic Tamanu Oil is 100% sustainable.
  • Our Organic Sweet Almond Oil is originally grown in Spain, where concerns over watering and associated risks of wildfires are lower than Almonds sourced from the USA, specifically California.
  • Our Organic Shea Butter comes direct from a Women’s Cooperative in Burkina Faso who grow Shea nuts in traditional ways. The oil is refined without the use of solvents to preserve the natural omega and nutrient composition, with no additives.

UK Suppliers: We only ever purchase from UK suppliers and source UK grown ingredients where possible. Our Borage Oil, Organic Hemp and Rosehip Oils are all UK grown and locally manufactured – just 35 miles down the road from us in fact!

Palm Oil Pledge: Our products are happily palm oil free.

Animal Welfare Pledge: We are proudly a Vegan-friendly company. We do not use animal or bee products and have NEVER tested on animals. Our suppliers operate a fixed cut-off date for animal testing, meaning they have not traded any ingredients that have been tested or retested on animals for cosmetic purposes since 01/01/2006.

Packaging: We proudly consider ourselves to be a zero-waste brand. We all know single use plastic is one of the biggest threats to marine life. For this reason, we consciously opt for recycled cardboard outer packaging and aluminium jars as opposed to plastic. We rejected the option of glass jars due to the energy required to recycle and the need for additional packaging material during transit. Aluminium is made from 70% recycled materials as standard and there are no limits on the number of times aluminium and cardboard can be recycled. That is good to know!

The Future: While we have taken all the steps we can to operate in an ethical, sustainable, and transparent way, we know there is always room for improvement. We’re constantly evaluating our own practices and if any of our customers have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve, please do feel free to contact us.