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Author Archives: Suzy

Jess W

RECOMMENDATION!!! Magical plant-based healing cream!!! My kids have sensitive skin especially in the winter. Leyla had dry red patches around her mouth which were sore! This beauty of a cream literally healed her face over night! The skin is rebuilding at a fast pace! This cream also healed grazed kneecaps on her! Honestly never tried such a powerful cream and totally guilt free!! Everyone needs this in their home!


Lynn C

I absolutely love this product!!! Within 5 days, it has already made a significant difference to the tone and texture of my face. The swelling has gone down and I’m starting the feel human again… what a wonderful product’. What more can we say but thank goodness for the natural healing power of Naturally Happy… Continue Reading

Vera W

The Hemp Balm, it’s so soothing, but what I have found it fantatsic for – I have morphine patches which stay on for a week. The irritation to the skin is immense and when a patch is removed I am left with a very inflamed, rough and tender rectangle of skin. The hemp balm is… Continue Reading

Izzy R

Naturally Happy Skin’s Ultra Restore hemp balm has helped me control irritation, visible symptoms and flare ups of an on going rash. Could not be more grateful as it has made it managible and less uncomfortable. Thank you ( Continue Reading

Faye M

I am honestly over the moon with The Works balm, the results on my little boys face are amazing and we have only been using it 4 days, I can’t recommend this product enough … Absolutely amazing product. ( Continue Reading

Kristy H

Happy mummy here. I used ‘The Works’ Tamanu Balm on my tummy throughout my pregnancy to combat stretch marks and was super pleased with the result. This was my second child so was really worried I’d have some stretching this time (I was also enormous!), but none at all with the cream. And I wasn’t… Continue Reading

Matt S

Had trouble with eczema and nothing the doctor’s prescribed seemed to make any difference. Tried ‘The Works’ balm and the difference was visible within a couple of days. Very happy with the results, thanks!! ( Continue Reading

Tessa E

I have eczema and I’ve been trying all 3 balms and they’re all lovely in their own right. My skin stays moisturised for so long with the rose balm and you know the things your putting onto your skin, and therefore into your body, are natural. A lovely welcome change from most creams out there!… Continue Reading

Becky S

Had an itchy rash on my chest from using unknowingly out of date vapour rub. One application of ‘The works’ and the rash and itching has gone! Highly recommend. ( Continue Reading

Ley A

We love these products. Not only good for sensitive & eczema skin, wonderful for sunburn and after swimming. Keep that itch at bay! ( Continue Reading