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Dry Hands Like Sandpaper? Hand Sanitizer, Hand Washing and How to Soften Dry Hands

Dry Hands Like Sandpaper? Hand Sanitizer, Hand Washing and How to Soften Dry Hands

We’re all feverishly washing our hands and hand sanitizing like never before. Covid-19 has been particularly tricky for eczema sufferers and in the Naturally Happy Skin household.

During Lockdown 1.0, our youngest little lady Izzy age 6 had the best skin of her life. Her eczema was completely under control. Warm, dry, sunny weather helped hugely, but so did the extra care and attention that went into making sure she moisturised her hands after every hand wash. She’s loving Naturally Happy Skin’s Sensitive Skin Recovery Hand & Body Cream at the moment btw. More on that in a minute.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t just the moisturiser. At home, she didn’t need to wash her hands every 15 minutes. Or use sanitizer every time she left her seat. We had a little more time without the daily commute or school run to hoover the house to eliminate dust mites. No central heating, open windows and lots of long walks in the fresh air. All of this meant she face cleared up entirely. She said to me one heart-breaking morning when she was getting dressed “Mummy, I look like a normal girl with no eczema”. Oh my heart!

I’m happy to say so far, she remains eczema free on her face since she returned to school in September. But her hands! It’s tough being 6 years old. She has special soap – an SLS free, natural and unfragranced brand. It still isn’t perfect, but better than the school offer! After handwashing, she knows that she should put her cream on (Naturally Happy Skin’s Sensitive Skin Recovery Hand & Body Cream), but when you can either run out to play with your friends or put cream on, which 6 year old will opt for the cream? And the hand sanitizing every time she enters or leaves her classroom. She tells me it stings. I know it’s a necessary evil. I just wish it wasn’t.

But it’s not just eczema sufferers. We were inundated with cries for help from our local community during Lockdown 1.0, particularly people who work in health care who needed to wash and sanitize so often, their hands were dry, chapped, cracked and rough like sandpaper.

Soap it itself is a surfactant and its purpose is to strip dirt and emulsify grease to leave your hands clean. A by-product of that is the removal of the natural skin oils, leaving you with a damaged skin barrier. And when you add Alcohol Gel on top of that, even those claiming to be gentle, will strip what precious little natural oil remains, sending it off into the atmosphere when the alcohol evaporates.

It’s not a lost cause. Naturally Happy Skin have the perfect combination to help your hands heal naturally. As I mentioned, Izzy loves our Sensitive Skin Recovery Cream. It’s a rich, luxurious cream, that sinks in fast – that is her biggest reason for loving it! Packed full of Organic Aloe Vera, Hemp, Borage Seed, Shea, and Sunflower Oils, it restores the natural oil balance while soothing any irritation. The best bits though… Evening Primrose Oil and Phytic Acid. These two wonder ingredients actively encourage cell repair by helping to shed damaged skin cells and encourage new healthy cell growth.

Night time calls for something a little more potent. Naturally Happy Skin’s Ultra Restore Hemp Balm is a wonderfully intense balm, full of Organic Hemp Oil to restore those all-important Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s). Combined with Organic Mango Butter for even more of the EFA’s, but with high levels of antioxidants and essential vitamins – great at treating irritated and inflamed skin. As always, our Ultra Restore Hemp Balm is by far best used immediately after washing hands to force moisture into the deeper skin tissue.

Love Suzy & The Naturally Happy Skin Team