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Tamanu Oil for Skin – The Next Best Thing!

Tamanu Oil for Skin – The Next Best Thing!

Tamanu Oil is one of my favourite oils. You might not have heard of it as it’s not as famous as it’s some of its fellows, Rosehip Argan or the world-famous coconut. But in my opinion, it’s the best! A thick, viscous green oil with a luscious nutty aroma… it’s wonderful, wonderful stuff.

Tamanu Oil has been used medicinally for hundreds years by native Asian, African and Pacific Island cultures and has been nicknamed “The Beauty Oil” or “Green Gold” due to it’s effectiveness in treating a multitude of skin problems, from dry skin, scars, burns, acne, insect bites, psoriasis and historically, even gangrene!

The oil is cold pressed from the dried nuts of the Tamanu Tree, native to Polynesia. The Tamanu tree is sustainable, producing a yield of nuts twice a year.

Tamanu Oil’s winning characteristics come from its natural ability to boost Collagen in skin. We’ve all heard of collagen cosmetic fillers, but for skin repair, it’s super important too. Collagen is the building block of skin, without healthy collagen supply, skin loses elasticity, dries and becomes prone to crack and break.

But its not just collagen, Tamanu Oil is full of antioxidants which support skin repair and contains calophyllolide which is reported to have anti-inflammatory effects. For that reason, it’s wonderful for eczema sufferers and skin healing (tattoos too!) as it targets inflammation, skin repair and promotes healthy skin growth.

We would not recommend Tamanu Oil to nut allergy sufferers a Tamanu is a tree nut, however those without nut allergies should find the oil has little chance of atopic reaction and relief from a multitude of skin complaints.

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Love Suzy & The Naturally Happy Skin Team x